Our Services Are Here For You!

We provide the following services:

  • Contract Negotiations
  • Personal Brand Development and Management
  • Media Relations Strategies
  • Marketing and Endorsement Deals
  • Tax Planning and Budgeting
  • Stage and Screen Opportunities
  • Community and Foundation Relations
  • Public Relations &Social Media Consultation/Support
  • Relocation Services and Assistance
  • Draft Preparation
  • Rookie Transition Assistance
  • Consultation in Sports Career Management

About our Services

We are here to serve you.

Here at World Changing Management we build trust with our athletes and use teamwork to pursue client based opportunities so that they may continue to stay competitive in the global professional athlete market. The friendships, connections, and opportunities that we have built worldwide are only a fraction of the tools that we offer to our athletes. World Changing Management inspires its clientele to be the best they can be by continuously working 24/7 to get the best deal possible for you.

World Changing Management Strives to provide athletes the optimal combination Physical Training and Career Management in order to give them the tools to advance in their sport and be able to play professionally.

We are committed to finding the next generation of athletes willing to work hard enough to play at the professional level.



Let us partner with you to to reach your goals.


Skills Development

We can help you to develope the skills for the next level.


Life Style

Life after a professional sports career.