European Agent Vasilis Kouros



Vasilis Kouros was born in Greece in 1970, former pro basketball player from 1987 to 2006.
He started playing basketball in-group C league at only 14 years old, and his first important transfer for his professional career was in Panellinios Athens in A2. After he signed for Sporting Athens in A1 Greek league. After he joined Ionikos NF KAOD Drama-Ionikos Nice - Ilisiakos BC - Near-east, Den Helder in Holland mainly in center position.
From 2006 onwards deals with the representation of players, with great success, signing players on the caliber of Ibrahim Jabber, Smush Parker, Nestoras Kommatos in Iran, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Tapoutos Christos in Greece and Turkey, Jimmy Baxter in Greece, Iran, Billy Keys in Greece, Giannis Gagaloudis Greece and Europe, Dwight Thorne, Stephane Lasme in Panathinaikos BC, and many other players in Greek league and also in many European league too.
Since 2009 he has the permission of the Greek basketball and since 2011 the license of player's agent from FIBA, he speaks both Greek and English.
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