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Our goal is to help take your game to the next level by giving you the resources and opportunities you need to advance your athletic career.
World Changing Management defines itself as an agency dedicated to taking the most devoted athletes from the collegiate level and introducing them to the Campbell Metrics program to help them elevate their game to the professional level.

Our Commitment

At WCM...

We are committed to the development of athletes to achieve peak performance during competition at every level.

At WCM...

We are committed to finding the next generation of athletes willing to work hard enough to play at the professional level.

Meet our team...

Steven Brodie II - Founder, President, Sports Agent

During his time as a collegiate athlete, Steven Brodie II realized that athletes do not receive guidance in areas outside of sports. He became motivated to help future athletes by assisting them in all facets of their lives; allowing them to achieve their dreams of playing professionally, while also planning for their futures after their playing careers are over. After receiving his Bachelor's degree in Sport Management, Steven Brodie II began the process of founding World Changing Management with the help of Steve Campbell. His goal is to create a family-like environment for everyone associated with WCM, and to foster relationships that allowed the players to be confident that they are represented by the right people who will take care of them and their families.

Steve Campbell - Vice President, Player Consultant, Strength and Conditioning Trainer

Steve Campbell is considered and respected as one of the leading speed, strength, quickness and agility athletic trainers in America. He has received and maintained certification as an ISSA strength and conditioning trainer since 2000. Steve grew up in Arkansas and moved to Los Angeles in 2004, where he has been a Sports Performance Trainer since 2005. He began preparing athletes for the NBA pre-draft combines in 2006, and also served as a ISSA Spot Light Trainer in 2010.

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Steven Brodie

Founder, President


Steve Campbell

Vice President, Player Consultant